ER Doctors Want To Steal Our Organs!


When you die in the ER, if you are an organ donor, your organs are not harvested! But now an emergency room-based project, funded by the organ-craving socialists at the Department of Health and Human Services, promises to steal away your organs before you are even brain dead, so as to save other people who need your kidneys and things. There are “questions”! From “some” who think ER doctors “might not do everything possible to save patients and may even hasten their deaths, to increase the chance of obtaining organs.” Yes. That’s how ER doctors are. Just ready to kill you for your eyeballs. Also? “Experts” are concerned that when people check “yes,” instead of “no,” on their driver’s licenses, in response to the question “would you like to be an organ donor,” maybe they are not understanding what that means? Some “experts” think that maybe some people think “organs” and “donor” are confusing? And they are just checking “YES TAKE MY ORGANS” willy-nilly? And so the world’s stupidest debate rages on, expressed in the world’s stupidest piece of Washington Post newspaper writing.