Der Speigel Overlooks Bimbo Fellating Berlusconi In Giant Spanish Sculpture

berlusconi sculpture

At midnight tonight, in the city of Valencia on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, the annual Las Fallas festival comes to an end with the burning of the giant sculptures that have been on display in various city squares for the past five days. Made of wood, cardboard and paper mache, and often made to satirize current events, the sculptures (called “ninots,” Spanish for “dolls”) are up to 72-feet tall and cost as much as $850,000 to build. “Las Fallas” means “the fires,” and the festival is believed to have pagan origins, celebrating the end of winter, but the million people it draws come in homage to Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters. Germany’s Der Speigel has a great photo gallery of some of the sculptures. But in the picture above, they’ve misidentified the number of women depicted frolicking in a hot tub with Italy’s prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. “This sculpture shows him in a hot tub with two lady friends,” says the caption. Nope, there are three.