Boobcheese Lady Continuing To Receive Her 15 Gallons Of Fame

I was too lazy to Photoshop a wheel of Gouda onto this

Perhaps because of the slow post-Oscar news cycle, the media is really milking the story of the woman whose lactation is being turned into cheese by her chef husband. The New York Post was able to squeeze out more from its piece yesterday, putting her on today’s cover, while the Daily Beast gets Gael Greene to dribble her reaction to actually eating the stuff. The story is also getting splashed all over local television news. It’s almost insulting when you consider what kind of boobs journalists must think you are to be interested in this “news,” when, at most, 2% of you actually care. To be honest, I regret keeping you abreast of these events. The whole thing makes me feel a little sour. I mean, it’s UDDERLY RIDICULOUS!