Anthony Weiner Latest Recipient of the Ol' White Powder Envelope


Just as the Awl Editorial Board has come around on Anthony Weiner (D-New Yawk), and yes, we are pretty pro, after years of finding him unlovable, today perhaps the wingnut right has just now cemented our position: “Law enforcement officials say a package with white powder was sent to Congressman Weiner’s Queens office today. A preliminary review shows the letter in part complained about the historic health care legislation passed by Congress this week, according to the source.” American terrorism! I guess they had to go the extra mile because the letters calling him “Shlomo” weren’t enough, apparently. (Hey, also, remember when the right wing talking point was always “ALL MUSLIMS MUST LOUDLY RENOUNCE THE TERRORISM OF THE (40 or 50 TERRORIST) MUSLIMS?” Anyone? Because… So… You see… Oh never mind.)