The City In Winter

I Googled "happy snowman." Boy, does this fella ever look happy!

You know what? It is kind of wonderful out there. The snowfall is light enough to be barely perceptible. The city is quiet-and oddly polite. Someone actually said “Excuse me” to me as they stepped out of my way. The streets are mostly walkable, and folks are out with their shovels on the patches of sidewalk that have yet to be cleared. I saw a dad with two little kids, all shoveling, and when the younger one got a decent amount in his little scoop and tossed it to the side, the harried dad smiled and boomed, “Great job, Jeremy!” And it was sweet, where usually I would find it kind of annoying! You guys, I think this snowstorm has somehow made real The New Niceness we’ve all heard so about this week. If you don’t have to leave the house today-perhaps you are a New York City public school student, or a fatcat banker, or just utterly unemployable-you should put on some pants and step outside for a couple of minutes. Beauty like this is the most fleeting of all, and I’d hate for you to miss a second of it.