Science: Bad Men Make Women Sad

The angry words spoken in haste/Such a waste of two lives

This is not an Onion headline, although it kind of reads like one, doesn’t it? Anyhow, take it away, Science: A new study suggests that, yes, husbandly hostility will make a Mrs. mope.

“In the study, husbands’ marital hostility was significantly related to increases in wives’ symptoms of depression,” said study researcher Christine Proulx of the University of Missouri. “The more hostile and anti-social behavior exhibited by husbands, the more depressed their wives were after three years. These findings suggest that husbands’ treatment of their wives significantly impacts their psychological well-being and that hostile behavior has a lasting effect on couples that continues throughout their marriages.”

The hostility = depression equation does not seem to work the other way, however, since men are heartless monsters who are completely unaffected by the emotional states of anyone other than themselves. (Except when it comes to break ups, which they take much harder than women.)