Rand Paul, Dark Prince of the Right's Bladerunner Future


Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, whose real first name is Randal and so you shouldn’t worry too much about the whole Ayn Rand thing, honest, is running for Senate in Kentucky and also he is kind of a downer. “Rand Paul’s stump speech can be a downer. Although he is not above offering some anti-Obama red meat — ‘Sarah Palin said he’s been palling around with terrorists; now he’s palling around with the world’s communists’ — his remarks drift into dark idiosyncrasy: He criticizes population-control policies by saying governments fear ‘too many breathers,’ as in humans. He reminds supporters that the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ was built by earmarks from Republican senators in Palin’s own state and mourns a system so broken that ‘I’m not sure you can elect enough good people to fix it — I mean, I’m really concerned about it.’” He has seen too much, too soon, this man, and knows the sad scary future of the human race of bloodbags in bondage to the machines soon to come.