New York Spared Misery of Sad Paterson Campaign


Yesterday’s scrum in New York City with money people and boss Democrats apparently did not go well for New York governor David Paterson, and the Post says he will now not run for (re)election this year. (Paterson is said to be making an announcement at 11:30, which probably means “sometime after lunch.”) This is kind of a good thing? His campaign was not going to be pretty, it was also going to be expensive, and it was just going to make us all feel bad. But it was a necessary thing! So right now Andrew Cuomo is totally giving himself his morning oiling down while giving himself a pep talk in the mirror: “You’re lookin’ sexy, babe. You’re great, bro. You’ve got this governorship on lockdown. Just look how awesome and gubernatorial your hair is looking!” This is not at all ideal but here we are.