Nasology: What Does It Say About You?

The Ragbag, which you should totally be following or RSSing or whatever, introduces us to the world of nasology, “a belief founded on long continued personal observation that there is more in a Nose than most owners of that appendage are generally aware.” Here’s a description of one particular type of proboscis that is near and dear to my face.

The Jewish, or Hawk, Nose is very convex, and preserves its convexity, like a bow, throughout the whole length from the eyes to the tip. It is thin and sharp.

It indicates considerable Shrewdness in worldly matters ; and deep insight into character, and facility of turning that insight to profitable accountThis is a good, useful, practical Nose, very able to carry its owner successfully through the world, that is as success is now-a-days measured, by weight of purse; nevertheless it will not elevate him to any very exalted pitch of intellectuality.

It is called the Jewish Nose in conformity with long-established nomenclature, and is, perhaps, more frequent among the Jews than among most other nations resident in Europe. It is, however, a fallacy to suppose that the peculiar physiognomy called Jewish is confined to the Jews, or even exclusively characteristic of them…. We have said that it is a good, useful, practical Nose, i. e. a good money-getting Nose, a good commercial Nose, and perhaps the latter term would be an apt secondary designation for it. Hence, those nations which have been most largely gifted with it, have been always celebrated for their commercial success.

Man, if I had a nickel for every inch of nose… well, Choire would be writing this thing by himself.