Everything Is Will.i.am's Fault


Pop music thing Will.i.am continued his impressive streak of ruining everything last night with his remix of The Who’s “My Generation” for www.flo.tv. Yes, it is true, he actually changed the song’s words to “Don’t wanna die, I wanna get old.”

The guy has already single handedly destroyed the value of U.S. currency, America’s long-standing policy against torturing prisoners of war, hip-hop, summer, baseball, the environment, the economy and Toyota’s safety record. Now he’s exploiting the filibuster and his super-majority to delay approval of presidential nominees to bring the government to a standstill. As Paul Krugman notes in today’s Times, thanks to Will.i.am’s music and television commercials and his terrible dancing and costumes and obstructionism, “we’re re-enacting the dissolution of 18th-century Poland.”