Courtney Love Brings Back 1994 A Little

Courtney Love is giving it [Ed Note: “it” being her career, in this instance.] another go, releasing a new Hole album, with a whole new band (hey!), through Mercury/Island Def Jam in April. She went on the British TV show Friday Night With Jonathan Ross last week, and debuted a new song, “Samantha,” that sounds somewhat like something that might have been left off Hole’s classic 1994 album, Live Through This. Which means it sounds better than much of the music she’s made since, but also makes you wonder who wrote it and when.

Most interestingly, perhaps (or perhaps not), the eye make-up Love chose for the performance suggests that she is expressing her admiration of Ice-Cube (and his moles)…


…or that she has joined a Mexican gang. (More likely.)

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