Chris Dovi Stabbed By Goldman And Associates For Shady PR Win


Goldman and Associates, the PR firm that just got a reporter fired from the Richmond, VA Style Weekly, is feeling that warm, winning feeling. The reporter, Chris Dovi, misfired an email to the PR person he was bitching about instead of to his boss. Jason Roop, the editor in chief with no spine, fired him, because Dovi USED A SWEAR WORD-Dovi referred to the PR person’s client as “this blind fucker.” Here’s Chris Dovi’s piece on a local transgender cop getting fired, a recent piece on gentrification and abuses of the community complaint system and one on the local Hasid population. He’s available for work, you know-and he could use a better editor!-since he was crucified by Goldman and Associates for his “sad and telling example of the prejudice” that blind people face, in exchange for some free attention. That is lame. OH GOD SORRY, DON’T HURT ME, I JUST MEANT IT WAS REALLY GAY. Update: Dovi responds!