The "Name The New Wu-Tang Spin-off Group" Contest

Ghost rae meth

The Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah, Raekwon the Chef and Method Man are currently working as a trio. The album is due soon, but they’ve yet to decide on a name for the group. So Ghostface has gone to his MySpace page and asked fans for suggestions, promising a shout-out in the liner notes to anyone who might come up with a winner. My favorites up so far are “three wus three 57 trip pyramid 3 a charm 3 u 3 scales,” as suggested by MR. M. AZAR A.K.A BIG T PRODUCTIONS. (I think Mr. M might have omitted some punctuation, and perhaps intended that to be four or five separate entries. But there’s definitely some good shit in there somewhere.) And “Ironman, Iron Chef and the Iron Lung,” as suggested by Dangerous. And “g.r.a.m.s” (Ghost Rae And Meth) as suggested by a fan called FIRESPITTINDRAGGONS. Actually, “Fire Spitting Dragons,” is pretty awesome in itself. If he (or she, but somehow, I think it’s a he) would let them borrow it.