The Malcolm Gladwell Digest: "The Sure Thing," Jan 18, 2010, the 'New Yorker'


Malcolm Gladwell. Subtitle: “How Entrepreneurs Really Succeed.” Ted Turner “inherited the largest outdoor advertising firm in the South.” “He could advertise his new station for free.” “Within two years, the station was breaking even.” “In a recent study.” “The truly successful businessman… is a predator.” “Wall Street thought that [John] Paulson was crazy.” “But Paulson wasn’t crazy at all.” “’There’s never been an opportunity like this,’ Paulson gushed to a colleague, as he made one bet after another. By ‘never’ he meant never ever.” “Paulson’s story also casts a harsh light on the prevailing assumptions behind corporate compensation policies…. to turn executives into risk-takers.” “Many entrepreneurs take plenty of risks-but those are generally the failed entrepreneurs.” “Failed entrepreneurs tend to be wildly undercapitalized.” “Famous experiment with kindergarten children.” “People who work for themselves are far happier than the rest of us.”