The Current Climate

“There are other, perhaps better, Republican candidates in the race, but I am rooting for McMahon for entertainment value. She used to be a central character in cable wrestling shows whose scripts had family members shrieking, betraying and, occasionally, slugging one another. One episode featured a villain who broke into the ‘palatial McMahon headquarters’ while Linda was recovering from a neck injury that she had received when an aggrieved wrestler flipped her upside down and slammed her head onto the floor. ‘You are a rather aggressive beauty, aren’t you?’ he breathed, before forcing a kiss upon her resistant lips and promising to break both her son’s legs.”
-Gail Collins assessess the candidacy of Linda McMahon, wife of World Wrestling Federation founder Vince. McMahon is seeking the Republican nomination for the seat Chris Dodd announced yesterday that he will give up. It would be cool if Jesse Ventura came and interrupted a stump speech by bashing her with a prop metal folding chair.