Shake Shack iPhone App Does Thing 11 People Desperately Need Done


There’s already a Shake Shack iPhone app that lets you look at the burger joint’s line via live camera, so you know before you go over there just how much bitching on Twitter you will do while waiting for a sorta decent burger in Madison Square Park. Now there is an app, we have been notified, called Shakedown (that is an iTunes store link! This is their website) that will sync with FourSquare (the fun/ridiculous/scary app that tells your “friends” where “you are”) so as to ID your friends already in line so that you can therefore jump in and butt ahead of plebes who are not your “friends”? (Or, I suppose, to be ID’d so people can line-jump forward to stand with you and make awkward talk about your mutual “friends.”) And will also let you report line length? This is so extraordinarily niche and wonderful and silly that I can hardly stand it. It’s basically like someone created an app for a slightly alternate version of me (when I am back on eating burgers again and forget that they are made of hooves and feces, sorry-and also when I actually have friends). I’m concerned about where all of this is going but/and also I really hate waiting in lines.