Sam Sifton: More Than Fair

“At its best, the British version of Le Caprice is filled with lords and skeevy barristers, hacks and publicists, actors on the make, drooping aristos, pop stars and spectacular women. There is a wonderful story about the punk-rock chieftain Ian Dury crashing through the place, drunk and outstanding on his cane. It ends with Omar Sharif punching him in the face.”
-For a visual accompaniment to Sam Sifton’s latest punking up of the Times’ dining section, the video for 1978’s “What A Waste” is pretty excellent. Also excellent (from Jean-Georges Vongerichten, don’t you know) the thought of fried rice with a fried egg on top, rather than one scrambled throughout. Like Korean bi bim bop-which is always so nice to say and eat.