New York Says "No" To Harold Ford


“The rugged individualist Harold Ford-who inherited his father’s Congressional seat at the age of 26-is a self-proclaimed ‘capitalist’ who believes that people ‘should lose’ if they don’t do well: unless, that is, the people who ‘don’t do well’ are his funders and controllers on Wall Street, in which case they should be propped up by the U.S. Government with bailouts and loans and Federal Reserve tricks until such time that they can pay themselves tens of millions of dollars in bonuses, at which point they should be left alone in the name of ‘free market capitalism’ and keeping the Government out of the affairs of industry and away from their ‘rewards.’”
Glenn Greenwald describes New York State Senator wannabe Harold Ford as “incomparably horrific” and “particularly unskilled in hiding his soullessness.” This puts Ford in almost as bad a light as Ford’s own words in an interview with the Times published today, but not quite!