New Video and Da Vinci Code: Jay-Z's "On To The Next One"

The reliably enlightening Vigilant Citizen has some very interesting theories about the new Jay-Z video “On to the Next One.” Apparently, as illustrated by all the crows, blood drinking and ram’s horns in the clip, Jay is deeply involved in an occult conspiracy to put humanity under the control of the goat-headed dark lord Baphomet. This was also illustrated in the “Run This Town” video, and also, presumably, by his taking part in the MTV video awards show in September.

“I believe there are two types of ‘Illuminati artists’: the willing participants (I would place Jay-Z and Lady Gaga in this category) and those who are clueless (Rihanna seems like perfect example). Jay-Z, being the smart businessman that he is, knows that controversy sells. It is thus a win-win situation: Jay-Z gets the publicity he is seeking and the Illuminati continue their mass indoctrination. But what will happen when the elites are done using Jay-Z as a vessel for their sinister symbols? Will they say ON TO THE NEXT ONE?”

Hmm. Gaga, too. Definitely answers a lot of questions. Note to Vigilant Citizen: we’re way ahead of you.