Losers Cut Out Early

Last of the great Senate boozers?

Tough day for the Dems, with at least four major candidates choosing to retire rather than face uncertain election chances next year: Sens. Chris Dodd (CT) and Byron Dorgan (ND), along with Gov. Bill Ritter (CO) and some poor schmo who wanted to be governor of Michigan for some reason, have all dropped out. Politico notes that “Democrats are now facing their bleakest election outlook in years-and the very real possibility the party will lose its 60–40 Senate supermajority after the November elections,” although the fact is that Dodd was almost sure to lose and this will actually help the party keep the seat. Also, “bleakest election outlook in years” actually means “in four years,” since winning supermajority status in 2008 was actually a high-water mark for either party in the modern era (the last time it happened was 1976). Still, that’s your narrative, and you’re stuck with it.