Howard Wolfson Finally Doesn't Have To Fly (Much)


It’s really the only dream of the phobic: to have a job where you don’t have to fly. This is where Howard Wolfson made his biggest mistakes-signing on to national campaigns, where he was regularly forced to either drive huge distances overnight or, God forbid, get on an airplane. Now Wolfson and his ugly sweaters have made the best possible extremely weird choice: the long-time campaign operator is going to work for Mike Bloomberg at City Hall? His job is to “sell” proposals issuing from the Bloomberg Everybody Live Right Think Tank? (You know, the one where they don’t let us smoke or eat fat or sell guns on the street.) He is coming in at a $200K a year salary, that is pretty much just below the longer-term deputy mayors, and just as much as the press secretary, Stu Loeser, makes. There will be some meowing about all this in City Hall. And the worst part is he’ll probably still have to fly sometimes, to go “sell” the mayor’s schemes at like the Conference of Mayors and stuff. Sucka!