How We Will Die In The Future: Homemade Plane-Bikes

Californian engineering firm Samson Motorworks is developing a motorcycle that will transform into a mini two-seater airplane: “The company is building a prototype of its Switchblade Multi Mode Vehicle, or flying motorcycle, and hopes to sell a $60,000 do-it-yourself kit as early as 2011. (Engine and avionics are sold separately, for about $25,000 total).” Excuse me? A DO-IT-YOURSELF-KIT?! To build a motorcycle that will rocket into the air? Like a jetski that flies in the sky, you say. That people will assemble at home. How many people will kill themselves with this? It’s like, Well, I’m pretty sure I followed those directions right. That video they included seemed pretty self-explanatory. Let’s go! Speaking of video: how about a soundtrack on the one above, Motorworks? I mean, entice me to my death. How sweet would that clip be set to a little Freedom Hawk?