Democrats Back To Comfortable "Helpless Losers" Status

It always does

It’s a little depressing that they only needed a year before they had to dust off this headline, right? In vaguely related news, here’s an interview with Barack Obama by Time’s Joe Klein. Now, I’m no political strategist, but can somebody please tell the president to stop talking in lettered lists? You read something like this-”And my theory, Joe, has always been, A: A lot of peoples’ skepticism is entirely justified. B: That there’s no reason why government should inherently be inefficient. C: At a time when we’ve got such enormous problems and such limited resources, people are going to be looking to government for help.”-and halfway through you’re already making mental bets on how far down in the alphabet he’s going to go. (See also.) I hate to say it, but I’m ready for a president who treats us all like very dull children again. Apparently, it’s what works.