Are People Really As Stupid As NYT Break-Up Article Suggests?

You know, because of that movie

You will probably have seen this “Styles” piece on the difficulties of breaking up in the digital era already. It is pretty much what you would expect: There’s plenty to mock, plenty to feel smug about, just enough to evoke a small bit of pity, etc.; you’ll all have your own favorite parts. Here’s what surprised me.

Sharing passwords to e-mail accounts, bank accounts and photo-sharing sites is the new currency of intimacy….According to the Internet and American Life Project at the Pew Research Center, one in five teenagers polled shares online passwords as a way to build trust and foster romance. Grown-ups, explained Lee Rainie, the project’s director, are exhibiting similar behavior.

Is that real? Are grown-ups really doing that? I mean, kids I get. Kids are idiots. That’s why sexting is such a fun story for everyone. But do modern-day adults really share their e-mail passwords with each other in a bid to boost trust? Man, I do not understand anything about how this new world works.