Tiger Trainer At Dinner Circus Didn't Know He Was Main Course


An animal trainer performing at a “Dinner Zircus” at Hamburg’s Hagenbeck Zoo was mauled by three tigers last night. Der Speigel reports: “Around 150 guests had just started their four-course meal when the 28-year-old Christian Walliser stumbled and lost control of five Bengali tigers. Three of the animals then jumped on their trainer. The big cats bit into his head and upper body, and he lost part of his left hand. Some of the circus team managed to push the animals into a corner using water jets and fire extinguishers, and then got them back in their cage within seconds.” Zoo director Stephen Pagels said that the tigers only wanted to “play” but that, “Unfortunately the thin skin of people is not suited to these kinds of playful attacks.” Quite so. Walliser is currently hospitalized in critical condition. Two audience members were treated on the scene for shock. Dinner circus just sounds like a bad idea.