Something Horrible Happened to Tom Ford!


Tom Ford, whose movie A Single Man made $216,328 this weekend in its very limited release, makes, as we have noted, excruciatingly expensive and gorgeous clothes for men. (Women’s clothes coming soon-as soon as he raises $50 million to do the line, which, oh my God, it’s going to be all made out of ostrich saliva and platinum leaf, I guess?) In particular, in his recent seasons of ties, not a single one of them was bad. But, while my back was turned, apparently Tom Ford just dumped a bunch of men’s stuff for next season on the market? And it is REVOLTING.

This is what some of the ties for fall/winter looked like. They were good! They were beefy and heavy and manly and suave. Very sexy.


AND THIS IS WHAT CAME IN! Flowers, for one thing! Ugly flowers!


And? PAISLEY! Gagly paisley.


I understand that he is a chronic envelope-pusher. That this is a perversity. That he is teasing all of us, because that is what the naked guy’s butt on the front page of his website is about, and that is what the velvet smoking jackets are about. But this envelope has been pushed into THE MUD and now it is all filthy and ruined.

This is how much they cost, by the way.


I’m actually upset about this because Tom Ford ties have been the ultimate in semi-post-ironic high taste. They were incredible.

These, on the other hand, are sad trash.