Someone Go Help Nine West. So Bad.

shiny stuff

If you’re anything like me (a girl) you have a squillion pairs of very expensive shoes on ice, and two pairs of Nine West jams that you hoof about in on the reg. And if you were at all excited at the prospect of potentially buying a pair of $41-on-sale sandals for spring, you HAVE TO check out the brand’s 2010 spring/summer line. IT’S SOOO FUNNY. No seriously, it surpasses disappointment and Chardonnay-drunk stumbles towards entertaining. It’s doing boob jiggles in white palazzo pants with gold eyeshadow and wearing about 239874328734 bangles that make such a racket! Think pastel suede, lace-up cage booties, and quasi gladiator flats with a bajillion bejeweled bra straps. I have ZERO idea who it’s for since super FOBby Asian chicks who dig “magpie chic” can get this mess on the mainland for a high five. Also, today someone hipped me to this.