Money Actually Can Buy You The Sense To Enjoy Your Good Investment Taste


Goldman Sachs commissioned a Julie Mehretu and a Franz Ackermann for the new HQ, and apparently everyone is baffled by them. “It’s loud and cartoonish, and as they walk in, employees can’t help scowling at it,” wrote Clusterstock of the Ackermann. And: “Nobody thinks this one is any good either,” writes Clusterstock of the Mehretu, claiming they “wasted” money on it. You guys! Well, one, I dispute this idea that “everyone” at GS hates these, because finance people love blue chip status and these deliver. Obviously. Hardcore. Two, you might want to check on some recent sales of Mehretu and their, oh, massive insane valuation upticks before you claim that money “wasted”! Let’s see: solid purchases that will age well and are a much safer place to put your money than the market? Oh yes, hello.