Here's Something New To Get Upset About!

Are you aware of the “coastie” controversy that is currently rocking Madison, WI? Apparently it has something to do with this terrible song, which some have accused of being anti-Semitic in its depiction of the titular “coastie,” a “privileged East or West Coast transplant, often a woman of a certain look: black tights, Ugg boots, oversize sunglasses and sporting a Starbucks cup.” Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel is on the case.

“Most of the Jewish students interviewed for this story said they find the tune and video ‘What’s a Coastie’ by UW-Madison undergrads Cliff Grefe and Quincy Harrison — who are not Jewish — harmless and funny.” Wait for it, though: “But some are offended.” It seems there are many historical issues concerning prejudice and disdain for those from the nation’s shores, which seems odd given that we all know the only victims of regional animosity in this country are those who hail from the middle and southern parts. Anyway, during this holiday season, perhaps we could all join hands and at the very least agree: The song really sucks, no matter where you’re from. [Via]