Chris Muth, aka The Cat Man, is an American Hero


We can’t really do any better than this, from The Brooklyn Paper. “A cat-loving Cobble Hill man whose valiant effort to save a lost feline last year was misinterpreted as the rantings of a crazy person has sued the hospital that medicated him in a way ‘normally reserved for violent psychiatric patients.’” Oh? DO GO ON. “Mild-mannered Chris Muth was cat-sitting when he realized the pussy had plunged down a 30-foot shaft and was trapped. That’s when Muth became a man consumed, a man who cared more for felines than his fellow man, he became… the Cat Man.” Sure! AND THEN WHAT HAPPENED? “Cat Man barged into an unoccupied apartment in hopes of rescuing the trapped feline — but his derring-do came with a price. Someone called the cops. Upon arriving, the boys in blue were skeptical of Cat Man’s claims that a mouser was trapped behind the wall. They thought that the frantic man was going through a psychotic episode, and hauled him to Long Island City Hospital.” I know what you are thinking: How long before this exact same thing happens to me? Not long, probably! “Muth was eventually proven to be sane-regarding the cat at least. Rumi was indeed rescued by an animal control officer after 15 days. But by then, Cat Man had been declawed: His landlord kicked him out, he lost his job, and his girlfriend dumped him.” Naturally. See you there, Cat Man!