Biblical Principles Just As Effective For Finance As Everything Else

But how's his credit score?

In These Troubled Times, many Americans are seeking financial wisdom from an unlikely source: the Bible.

All sound professional advice, I found, … has its roots someplace in Scripture,” said Ron Blue, author of “Surviving Financial Meltdown” and founder of the Kingdom Advisors, which trains Christian financial professionals. Blue uses the Bible for guidance on everything from budgeting to long-term investing and handling an inheritance.

Some experts, however, are unconvinced.

Robert Manning, author of “Credit Card Nation,” said biblically based financial advice isn’t sophisticated enough in a world of rising health care, housing and retirement costs, where people need to learn to take advantage of complicated credit and tax laws.

“If you’re going to go pre-New Deal, 1924 America, that’s basically what this advice is driven by,” Manning said. “It sounds so good and plausible until you actually put it into reality, and it just doesn’t work.”

You don’t say!