Adam Yauch In Good Humor, Starting Subscription Film Service, Jewish


“There’s a real void in the marketplace since Columbia Record club is no longer active, so we’re hoping to hire a staff of tens of thousands to call our valuable membership over and over again and harass them until they cry.” Good. Beastie Boy Adam Yauch seems to be recovering well from cancer. He’s starting a subscription service for DVDs of the movies he produces through his company Oscilloscope Laboratories. And making funny jokes. There is a also a funny Columbia Record club joke running through the Coen brothers’ recent movie, A Serious Man. Which really is a pretty great movie, despite the fact that some Jews say the Jewish Coen brothers don’t understand Jews. I think the Jews who say that are wrong. In fact, A Serious Man has in it the most accurate depiction of how it feels to be a Jew who is thirteen-years-old and being Bar Mitzvahed in front of a large congregation of other Jews in a Jewish synagogue that I have ever seen in any movie. I’d bet the Jewish Adam Yauch would agree.