Baboons Now As Smart As Bears

It is a baboon! In a car!

Tourists in Cape Town, South Africa, are being victimized by a gang of baboons, who have “learned how to open car doors and jump through windows in pursuit of tasty sandwiches and snacks.”

On Tuesday, a troupe of 29 baboons raided four cars outside Simon’s Town, a small coastal neighborhood. A baboon dubbed “Fred,” the leader of the group, opened unlocked doors and jumped through windows to search for food.

He ransacked a bag in the back seat of a red car as a couple panicked about their passports. A girl screamed nearby as a baboon hopped into her car through a back window. Others climbed on car roofs and hoods, looking for ways inside.

Many of those who stopped to watch the raid had their own cars broken into by other baboons.

I guess it’s a good thing we’ve decided to let the planet go to hell; the animals were going to take over soon enough anyway.