On Deranged Millionaire John Hodgman Has Some Advice For Other Deranged Millionaires

I'm just glad someone is finally stepping up and giving rich guys a forum to complain about how poor people make them feel sad.

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On Tom Scharpling Makes Good Music Videos

@MParcells He's been on fire with the Best Show lately. I think for about ten years or so now.

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On Tom Scharpling Makes Good Music Videos

Tom Scharpling is a master craftsman of funny things.

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On We Must Go Back in Time to Prevent the Awful Season Finale of 'Doctor Who'

I liked the very end and where it lined up the whole new Doctor Who saga. (Saga?) Although I thought the whole pacing of this season was very frustrating. Right after the first episode of this season I knew it would be an aggravating journey to the season finale. I'd rather of seen the last episode somewhere around episode three and then moving on from there. This just seemed like a messy way to set up another season. There was a lot I liked in theory about this season but not a lot that I liked viscerally. Like, I appreciate Moffat not doing another Cybermen vs. Daleks ending and instead doing something new. But watching a Cyberman squawk at a Dalek satisfies my nerd brain in a way that few things can.

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On The Zipless Facebook

Facebook makes me feel anti-social.

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On Burning Down Wisconsin: The Hidden Budget Bill Item Even Worse Than Union Busting

Thanks for this article. This is some of the best analysis of the situation in Wisconsin I've seen. One of the ads on the page was for the Stand With Walker website, by the by.

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