On Gay Disaster: Grindr Hacked

Bjarke Ingels, is that you?

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On The Best New TV Show of the Fall Season


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On Understudies! The Technicolor Grace of 'Godspell'

I think it's pretzel-legged now

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On New York Times Examines Summer Of Death

And the Toys 'R Us giraffe. :-(

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On 'Managed Expectations': The Bitter End, The Final Chapter


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On 'Desi Talk': Probably New York's Greatest Newspaper

'Caste no bar' is totally going in my Manhunt profile

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On Annals of Narcissism: Manhunt, Redesigned, Is Now The Gay Skynet--And It Wants You To Stay Home

It should be noted that Lagunajock82 was a really good lay.

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On A Friendly Chat: Michael K, Web Entrepreneur, Blogger, Pottymouth

Hot Slut of the Awl

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