On Your Conspiracy Theories Began 700 Years Ago Today

I disagree with the "there's no there there" contention. What temple gave the Templars their name? Is this the same structure that inspired their quasi-successors to call themselves Masons? And if so, what was so special about whatever this building was? My answer for this is that, lore-wise, heaven and outer space are the same thing and that's why so many flags have stars on them.

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On The New Orleans Mardi Gras Playlist

Won't stop trying til I create a disturbance in yo' mind - or include some got-damn Jesse Hill!

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On Everyone's Looking At Your Dick In The Locker Room

I bristle at the author's presumed qualifications to:
a) suggest that Don DeLillo hasn't inhabited female voices under his own name
b) suggest that straight male writers don't know how to write about dicks
c) suggest that no good writing about sex occurred between, say, 1980-2005 because if AIDS.
These presumptions might fit the author's identity-obsessed agenda, but none of them are correct.

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On Being A Writer™

Thank you for writing this. Really enjoyed reading it- particularly the scarf and escalator anecdote at the end.

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On Which Museum Did Your Evil Child Try To Destroy This Weekend?

Can't front like I know the tangential relevance of this still doesn't make it appropriate, but I am still going to brag here that my wife was outta town this weekend and I took my kids, who are 5 and 3, to three museums over the weekend and nothing whatsoever was desecrated like this boo'shit!

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On Jim Hall, 1930-2013

Duet album w/ Bill Evans (seen in avi to L) Undercurrent is some gorgeous music.

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On No We Are Not Joking About The Great Mind-Wasting Horror That Is The DMV

Mind if I tell a nice DMV story?
Hey Thanks!
So a few years ago, my wife was 40 weeks pregnant and I wanted the baby to be born on my birthday so I went to the DMV, certain that my number actually coming up on the red LED ticker would be just the thing to induce labor. Alas, my wait was relatively brief and my number got displayed, but I recognized an older gentleman who seemed to have missed his turn. I beckoned him over and insisted that he go ahead of me. Initially the DMV clerk was rigid about protocol, but I said, "Do you know who this is? This is Ben Gazzara, a great actor!" And without missing a beat, the DMV guy said, "Yeah I seen Roadhouse!" So he took Mr. Gazzara's paperwork while I waited and fondled my phone and for some reason, the DeNiro to Cassavetes' Scorsese hung around while I renewed my license and then he and the DMV guy both wished me all the best on the new arrival. Total time in DMV: 48 minutes.
Ps. Wife went into labor at around 10 PM, daughter born 7:10 AM next morning.

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On From Whom Do You Want To Learn About Syria?

@stuffisthings Good point. Your limited expertise about the south is a great example of self-enabled bigotry.

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On To Tlön: Let's Invade Reality


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On Terry Adams Is 65

@SidAndFinancy True dat, but Terry lives on.

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