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On Rap After Odd Future: Action Bronson is Magical

@Clarence Rosario Hah, best part about that line is that Atmosphere (by which I guess they meant Slug, the rapper, not Ant, the obviously African American DJ?) isn't even white. As Pete Townshend might have said, "He looks pretty white but his dad is black."

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On A Guide To Richmond, VA, By a Guy Who Lived There from '93 to '97

Ukrops is gone as of earlier this year. They sold to a grocery store company called Martin's. Martin's sells beer and is open on Sundays.

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On Nate Dogg, 1969-2011

Gotta rep for "Can't Deny It"--I know, I know, Fabolous ain't that great, but Nate Dogg's chorus hook might be the best one of his career. It sure is my favorite.

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On Redskins Owner Says He'll Sue Some Newspapers: How and Why?

"How does anyone still watch football?"

Believe me, it's tough if you're a Redskins fan. And yet, I am somehow compelled to endure week after week of embarrassing losses. Maybe next year will be better. Hahahahaha... sigh.

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On Taj the Elephant Painted a Picture for a Woman Dying of Cancer

Oh my god, now I'm going to be a wreck all afternoon.

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On The Education Bubble


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On The Education Bubble

I have never thought of using the term "education bubble" before, but I've been going on rants at parties/bars about this exact thing for at least five years now. I've never had one second's regret about dropping out of college, and I know a lot of people who've got multiple degrees I don't have and are making less money than me. THE SHIT IS NOT WORTH IT, people.

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On The Proper Way For A Post-Punk Legend To Begin An Email

Well, and that "problem of leisure" song was used in an Xbox commercial last month, too, so at this point does it really matter how he makes his living?

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On Laurel Nakadate's PS1 Show Opens

@Tulletilsynet There's such an obvious answer to your question here, but I haven't watched anything besides the VBS video above, so I don't know if Nakadate (or Fraser, or whoever else might be doing this these days) is even exploring it. But that answer is: the moments in which the distance between the nubile young female and the lonely "pathetic" people she's interacting with is diminished by sheer physical proximity. I'm not even talking about the unwanted physical contact that seems an inevitable consequence of art like this (cf. "Looking For Mr. Goodbar"), just... the moments when the artist, and by extension the viewer, are forced to look at these men with a sympathetic eye. Because they are humans, after all, and there is real pathos there.

But who knows? I've never even heard of any of this stuff before now. Maybe everyone involved in this little niche of the art world is working strenuously to avoid any of those actual connective human moments. The cynical side of me would not be surprised.

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On Penis-Haver Underestimates How Much Chicks Like To Buy Stuff

Please tell me that is a real quote. Link me to it, if possible.

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