On A Short Email Chat With The Amazing Performer Christeene

Oh man I love Christeene. One of the joys of living in Austin is getting to see her every few months. Her shows are always great but the highlight of seeing her was at GayBiGayGay when she almost threw a buttplug in my face. Anyway, everyone should go see her perform.

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On The Tale of Laurel Touby, Bold Millionairess, So Far

So that fur/chain mail swing was the first thing they bought for the renovation. I guess they structured the rest around that.

I feel like if I had that in my house I would worry someone would find a way to have sex on it and then I would have to email Ask a Clean Person about how to clean off fur and chain mail.

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On It's Like Romney and Ryan Are Trying to Make People Hate Them?

It's not really a gay marriage scare ad unless there's talk about the gays shoving their marriage repeatedly down our throats while their strong, masculine hands manhandle the back of our heads.

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On Tiny Fingers Make Fast, Delightful Work

Wow, I remember being floored by the description of something like this in The Blind Assassin. In there they had rugs woven by children that were blinded by the poor lighting conditions and merchants would argue over how many kids a specific rug had blinded. I guess it's reassuring that more and more of Margaret Atwood's terror fantasies are coming true.

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On The Worst, Most Darkly Hilarious Thing to Ever Happen on Twitter

@blackalabama He also can't use fuck like a grown up. Good riddance Nelson2

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On How Do You Like Barack Obama Now? A Conversation

@laurel There was some movement on climate change, Nancy Pelosi got the house to pass a cap and trade bill! It promptly died in the Senate but it's always fun to remember what might have been. This is really neither here nor there except to point out the Pelosi is a badass and should always be remembered as being a super effective speaker.

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On If the Olympics Has Taught Us Anything, It's...

"Disagree. I know a boner when I see one. Also, just because you're gay doesn't make you a dick expert."

I love how the Deadspin commenters still have to posture about their knowledge re: telling if a cock is hard or not through spandex.

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On "Don't Even Brush Your Teeth": 91 Hangover Cures From 1961

@muddgirl WOW! I thought that I was clever for making my own with the tortillas that come with it. That taqueria is truly operated by geniuses of the highest caliber.

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On "Don't Even Brush Your Teeth": 91 Hangover Cures From 1961

@freetzy Yes to the iced tea. You get some caffeine with enough water to keep you hydrated.

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On "Don't Even Brush Your Teeth": 91 Hangover Cures From 1961

If I'm feeling ambitious I'll make a run to a taqueria for a plate of chilaquiles with fried eggs and a michelada. After that I put on a dumb movie and sleep it off on the couch with my cat. Otherwise I just fry up some eggs at home and then move to the couch. As mentioned the only real cure is to sleep it off, but a full belly helps with that.

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