On White People And Rap

Why does the imaginary black person in this scenario misspell Trayvon when the imaginary white person gets it right, Dave?

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On Four People Whose Twitter Lives Are A Nightmare

A new frontier-- right past "white people problems" and into social-media time-waster non-problems...

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On The Ka-Ching Zone

@scrooge well, I do the same thing, so I hope its possible, and I would like us both to have the benefit of doubt on being principled. What I was trying to get at in my second go-round with Barnhouse is that the system is one in which the rules are that "profit" or "market" trumps principles. Various efforts to reform or soften that system are 1)fought against viciously, and 2) not working out so hot, if, well, how the majority of those doing under global capitalism is any indication. What about hard-working people who can't afford to rent out our apartments at a "fair rate"? Why/how exactly is it fair, then?

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On The Ka-Ching Zone

@Barnhouse/Maria. Thanks for the answer. I'm a big fan of yours, present outburst excepted, and glad we can at least agree on Ms. Rand, though even as she's on hold, Mr. Paul is pounding on the door downstairs, right? And while I was going to say "perhaps I exaggerated", what I really mean is "I wish I exaggerated", 'cuz I suspect even thinking that "principled capitalists" is a thing, is the mistake. Because its not about the "-ists", its the "ism" -- the lack of principles is hardwired into the damn thing. Putting principles over profits simply ain't permitted -- any CEO doing such is violating that corporation's bylaws..

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On The Ka-Ching Zone

You had me until, "I don't have anything against capitalism, so long as it is practiced in a principled manner, and honestly."...ha, ha, ha! And you called Madrigal "XXL absurd"? Really? That's cool -- I don't have anything against horses, either, so long as they are unicorns, and rainbow-colored. That's Ayn Rand calling for you on line 2, Maria...

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On Meet The Awl 2013 Interns

I do not doubt that he's wonderful, but how did John's pic of patterned tie and 8-color shirt get past Choire? I don't want to heard WORD ONE about my shorts, ever again, pal.

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On The Love of My Twenties: An Unexpurgated, Factual Account

@Margot Harrington@twitter

I'm afraid that it is the book Lena Dunham is now writing with her gazillion dollar advance....

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On New Study Proves Everyone On Twitter Is Terrible

That Agnew quote is "nattering nabobs of negativism" -- better, no? I'm all upset about this and instantaneously commenting about it to strangers who don't care --- its practically Twitter!

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On Dear Sanj

I love all of these, so far. But sadly, I think its at least as likely that someone was being deliberately hateful as someone "made a horrible assumption". Obviously the punk rocker didn't do anything wrong, so there was either a line of many "horrible assumptions" (sad and possible) or a lie about the intrusive activities (ditto...)

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On Ask Polly: My Roommate's Boyfriend Is Twice Our Age And Practically Lives with Us!

Of course I'd be thrilled to hang out with/give a blow job to Willie Nelson despite his wealth, though.... (call me).

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