On Who Will Be the Wrongest Pundit of Them All?

I like how the Republican predictions aren't even remotely tethered to reality. "Screw your queer math! Romney will get 692 electoral votes! How's that strike ya, Nate Sssssilver?"

My prediction is that the GOP looses so bad, they finally just declare all science to be the Devil's handiwork and becomes the most spiteful religion in history. By 2016, they'll be remembered only for that one time they left a bag of flaming dog poop on Richard Dawkins' front porch.

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On Wait, Did People Really Think 'The Artist' Was a Good Movie?

The nomination of the Artist, along with My Week With Marilyn adds more proof to my theory that Hollywood is just enamored with its own mythology. Wanna win an oscar? make a movie about how glamourous/tough it is to make a movie in Hollywood/be a Hollywood star. Either that or make a movie about a mentally disabled person.

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On "The Woman in Black": Everything Old Is Good Again

@LondonLee Alas, the cleavage is noticeably absent. But I'm sure that will change once Hammer revives Dracula and his daughters, brides and assorted henchmen.

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On What Movies Make You Ignore Everything Else?

The Princess Bride, Big Trouble In Little China, the Breakfast Club and the aforementioned Philadelphia Story and Caddyshack.

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On What Movies Make You Ignore Everything Else?

@Van Buren Boy God yes, Caddyshack. I watched that movie in bits and pieces for years, when it was always cut to hell and had all the naughty words dubbed over. In fact I don't think I ever saw it all the way through until I was in my twenties and bought it on DVD.

And the thing is, as a movie, it shouldn't work. Even the director admits that they dropped the A plot half way through to just let Chevy Chase, Bill Murry and Rodney Dangerfield just make shit up. And it's brilliant.

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On Santa's Sinister Sidekick

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On Santa's Sinister Sidekick

@koko did it look something like this?

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On The Google Goblins Give Firefox a Reprieve--But What About the Open Web?

As long as IE continues to loose ground, we all win. That bloated piece of trash is the Internet equivalent of a disease-ridden prostitute.

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On Who's Afraid Of Lana Del Rey?

@wheattoast The real problem is that the barren wasteland of pop music has deadened your sensibilities so much that you hear this crap and mistake it for the output of a talented musician, rather than for what it really is: corporate marketing at it's most crass. She's a walking commercial for the dregs of a dying industry. But hay, if that's what you like, eat up!

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On Early Oscar Season Smells Like Barf

@Megapol Tchotchke That's because it's British. It came out in England back in September. "smart but not boring thriller" translated into Hollywoodese means, "dump it in December as Oscar bait for the snobs when all the rubes are watching football." But yes, it looks fantastic. I just finished the book and if it's half as good, it'll be a blowout come this years Oscars.

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