On This Week in Lines

Regarding he folks waiting for coffee, perhaps they are on vacation?

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On This Week in Lines

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On Checking In With the American Conversation About Gentrification

More hilarious than offensive, to me anyway.

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On That Millennial Marketing Verve

I got the worst food poisoning imaginable from drinking one of their tiny protein drinks that was a week past its expiration date, despite it having been sealed and in my fridge. Live and learn.

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On Future Foretold

Except that MTV hasn't played Music Videos in over a decade.

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On A Subtlety of 'A Subtlety'

Great piece and loved the line about Yul Brenner.

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On Instagrams from Auschwitz

Thank you for this article.

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On A Mayor, Unworthy

Jesus, at last he shows up.

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On Human vs. Citi Bike: New York's Secret Struggle

Leaving a note wouldn't have helped. Nobody believes notes.

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On New York City, May 26, 2014


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