On Birds Need Antidepressants To Survive Living In England

They should come to NYC! It's cold but at least we have better food!

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On Up Next: Snow

Funny because it's true

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On Bizarre Perma-Tadpole Axolotl Now Extinct in the Wild

This is a shame.

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On Philip Seymour Hoffman, 1967-2014

He was the best. RIP.

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On Ask Polly: I Moved To A New City To Be With An Emotional Vampire

I "dated" this very same guy (my version lives in a suburb of Atlanta). He was the worst thing that ever happened to me but I got myself free and it only cost me a few thousand dollars in "loans" that I'll never get back. He just married a woman exactly half my (his) age. I wish her luck.

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On Will The 'Entourage' Dude Go To TV Heaven?

Ah, a sad thing to read about, as these guys were huge to me when I was a kid. RIP Professor and Reuben!

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On The Dying Man On The Windshield

It won't bring the dead man back, but I hope she is convicted and gets a tough sentence.

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On "Her": This Movie Makes No Sense

I didn't like it much either

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On How Has "Bust" Magazine Survived?

Ah, sweet memory lane. I remember interviewing Jon Spencer back in the day while sitting on a bench in Union Square Park. After we wrapped it up, I pulled out that issue of BUST with him and his wife on the cover and asked him if he'd sign it for me. He did, but he was visibly embarrassed. Hee. Anyway, excellent read!

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On Al Goldstein, 1936 - 2013

“A First Amendment Ninja” - Excellent.

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