On Matter Familiar

That is a very stupid campaign idea. It is like begging people to like you.

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On The Beatles Never Existed

This theory is so uber-meta, thick-headed and contemptuous that it isn't even remotely clever or funny.

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On Why My Baby Doesn't Eat Animals

I remember once being asked by a woman in her 20s - who had been a vegetarian since birth - what meatloaf tasted like. Her question really stumped me. I really don't recall my answer but I probably told her it tasted delicious.

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On The Best Thing About New York City in the Fall

So great.

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On Provocations of a Bad Jingle Writer

Really nice piece. I can empathize with the author's situation, being a writer myself who is no longer able to make a living through writing due to everyone expecting writers to write for free. Although this is no consolation, he should feel fortunate that he is at least able to make living doing something remotely connected to his passion. Anyway, great article.

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On This Week in Lines

Regarding he folks waiting for coffee, perhaps they are on vacation?

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On This Week in Lines

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On Checking In With the American Conversation About Gentrification

More hilarious than offensive, to me anyway.

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On That Millennial Marketing Verve

I got the worst food poisoning imaginable from drinking one of their tiny protein drinks that was a week past its expiration date, despite it having been sealed and in my fridge. Live and learn.

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On Future Foretold

Except that MTV hasn't played Music Videos in over a decade.

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