On And How Was Your Summer, Amy Sedaris?

@A Snood Mood Yeah when she said she hasn't seen any headlines since late May, I went and looked to see when Tiffany Sedaris passed away and yeah, that's probably why.

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On A Fresh Movement Against the NYPD's Culture of Misconduct

I highly recommend listening to the tale of Adrian Schoolcraft, a former NYPD cop who recorded his superior officers encouraging him to stop and frisk. He refused to do it. His story confirms that the problem is coming from the top.


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On You Can Roadtrip to Indiana for Saarinen, But Here's First-Rate Modernism Closer

Horace Gifford's work reminds me very much of the Sea Ranch style. So much so that I thought I was looking at photos of Sea Ranch. Lovely work.


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On Awards, TV and Press Do Nothing: Indie Music, Away from the SxSW Hordes

One quibble: the Interactive big bag didn't have anything in it besides the schedule and directory. They scaled waaay back on all the promotional material that used to fill those bags and good on them for that.

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On 20 People to Follow on Twitter: Kate Riley

Kate makes me laugh on the reg. Her tumblr is also hilarious: http://bubblebathosbands.tumblr.com/

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On Dear Davida

So good.

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On New Diablo Cody Chat Show Features Jason Bateman, Wheat Thins

Dear The Awl,

I know that you have your site auto-refresh to keep up your page-view numbers or whatever. But when I'm mid-way through a video on your site and it refreshes of its own accord it is incredibly frustrating.

Quit it.

Thanks in advance for quitting it.

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On The Boiling Oily Beaches of Pensacola

My family used to vacation in Pensacola when I was a kid. We lived near Galveston, where tar balls have covered the beaches for years. It makes me sad to see it in such a state.

I've been hearing rumbles about the potential of the evaporated dispersant causing acid rain on the east coast. That prediction is being made by the Russians, though, so who knows.

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On Texas Commission Will Work As Long As It Takes To Get Death Penalty Investigation Right

Texas has no term limits on its governor. Perry is about to run for his third term, which is something no one has done.

I am hoping that his actions on the Willingham commission will be successfully leveraged against him so that he loses this race. He is terrible.

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On Signs of the Times: Keep Calm

I've had this poster over my desk for about a year now. I always thought of it as a rephrasing of the other British classic, "Don't panic."

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