On Sport of Tennis Permanently Concluded

Alt text WIN. Thank you Choire, and Good morning.

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On And How Did Your Holiday Weekend End?

@happymisanthrope It could be worse, I could have driven home.

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On And How Did Your Holiday Weekend End?

I had no issues with my travels (where were all the travelers?! The airports were empty!), besides listening to the kid next to me flailingly try to pick up the girl in the seat next to him from boarding to landing. But my God, what would I give for the the Atlantic Terminal planners to have thought, if you're going to connect the Air Train to LIRR directly to the subway, put a goddamm escalator in SOMEWHERE. Hauling a suitcase up and down stairs to only find that a train isn't running starts to find the end of a travelers fuse. But hey, small quibbles.

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On The Horror Of The Seventies

@freetzy That was my first thought! But then the mountains ruined it.

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On A Truly Terrible Story

I already knew how this story ended, but by the end of it, I was choking back tears. Tears of anger and rage. As the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Op Ed pointed out regarding Paterno and Penn State, why didn't anyone ask if the kids were ok? A failure of character at so many levels of society, even the journalistic. I'm going to step away and set the world on fire.

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On Man Finishes Job

I loved that he spent last night retweeting all the haters.

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On Hmm? Laura Dern's French Plans

Sure, why not.

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On See Radiohead Videos from Last Night While You Can

@forget it i quit Dammit. That's what I was afraid of. I will shut up and take my medicine I guess.

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On See Radiohead Videos from Last Night While You Can

Sooo did the band go on so late because of technical issues or were they always slated for 10pm? Wondering about the line for tonight and if I should really wait what I hear was almost two hours or just go get dinner and drinks before hand...

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On Corks v. Screw-Tops

Screw tops help prevent carpal tunnel, or so I've heard.

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