On Fifty Years Before Ferguson

This is talked about in the most recent episode of The Memory Palace, "We've Forgotten James Powell", worth a listen.

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On Death to Negronis

@BadUncle I've got to pay attention to the wording on labels more closely. I'd long presumed that what separates gin from a juniper/"plant stuff" flavored vodka, is that gin was distilled with the asst'd botanicals, and not just steeped with them, like a flavored vodka. But if Wikipedia is to be believed, that only holds true for "distilled gin" or "London gin". It is however apparently legally acceptable to soak some juniper berries in vodka for a bit, and slap "gin" on the label. Who knew? (Matt Buchanan, I guess)

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On Hell Discovered, Filmed

What's so hellish about this? I always thought the main element missing from the Master Musicians of Jajouka was a chorus of yammering teens.

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On What Will Our Easily-Influenced Rubes Eat Next?

Oh, good, it worked! Glad I earned that.

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On What Will Our Easily-Influenced Rubes Eat Next?

Compulsive copy edit/nitpicking leaves me craving foie gras funnel cake, viz "lives lack *ANY* value or meaning"

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On The Know: How Do You Show People You're In It?

Counting syllables in links has always wrecked the rhythm and diminished the pleasure of composing twaiku anyway. Good riddance!

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On Cashew’s Diary

For whatever reason, the TV grabbed my attention, as the credits were rolling after one of Cashew's episodes, at just the moment to see *three actors* credited for Cashew's role! I haven't watched through to season's end yet, but since you didn't mention it, I'd guess there isn't any more harrowing action in store for Cashew than the underfoot scene. One can only hope ALL the talent walked away with that last inch of life intact...

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On How Did Pumpkin Become Beloved? Labor, Nostalgia, Refreshment And White Women

Apparently, it's ferret jizz.

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On Man Really Into Fucking

(which only sounds like a lot more work to put someone through in order to satisfy your craving, which is also prob'ly part of the turn-on for this Roger bloke)

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On Man Really Into Fucking

That line was used in a sample at the start of DM & Jemini's Yoo-hoo!, a few years back. Dunno where the sample's from, but the rejoinder was, "With some dudes, you don't have to hold his head: just pull his teeth!"

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