On Our Government-Funded Mission to Make Haiti Christian: Your Tax Dollars, Billy Graham's Son, Monsanto and Sarah Palin


Thanks for the clarification. The point about Graham's salary is well taken, although It might be appropriate to then put his salary and compensation next to those heads of other faith-based and government organizations which oversee international donation and relief efforts.

I also do see problems with the overt linking of the Gospel with particularly political parties - it's actually a sermon I preached on this summer.

But while Franklin, in my view, does have too close of a public connection to overtly political connections, I don't see how this disqualifies the huge amount of good they are doing. I'm not sure of what the cornered muggings are referring to, so maybe I missed that.

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On Our Government-Funded Mission to Make Haiti Christian: Your Tax Dollars, Billy Graham's Son, Monsanto and Sarah Palin

I do appreciate the in depth nature of this report, but I must say that is is quite cynical. As a christian who agrees there are some issues with governments funding faith-based work like you mentioned, I have to say the overall argument is “sure they're providing homes, setting up cholera relief centers, educating children and running hospitals – but they have the gall to say it was the work of Christ that sent them there. I'll take the actions, but leave that religious junk behind”. I understand that's what many of you many believe, but having been to Haiti many times and seen the work of these organizations there, Samaritans purse and World vision both before and after provide these necessities despite huge logistical obstacles and will do this for ANYONE, regardless of if they want to hear about Christ or not. As far as needing to be a Christian to work for them, any religious organization with a creed of beliefs does the same thing. And finally, if all of you are so upset by this situation, what exactly are you all doing to provide these same services to these people in Haiti? In the month we were there in June I personally saw dozens of temperary homes be built – with Haitian labor and international volunteers, by Samartians purse. There was no UN. There was no UnitedWay. There was no Haitian government. I understand if you want to remove all federal funding from organizations who have conversion as their primary goal. The fact of the matter is, this has been the motivation for humanitarian work more than than any other in the history of the world, and will continue to be. So if you are depressed, or concered or whatever about a few million dollars going to a Christian organization which provides basic services regardless of belief, then please go do something in place of the work they are doing instead of complaining.
Oh, and Christian missionaries have been in this country for years and are often the only source of decent education, hospitals or clinics around.

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