On "Disagree And Still Be Friends": A Conversation With Andrew Sullivan

Sullivan talking about Orwell makes me want to puke, so here's a link to the Mark Ames piece: https://www.nsfwcorp.com/dispatch/andrew-sullivan.

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On Rockers, 29 Different Kinds

Love this list.

Johnny Clarke, Rockers Time Now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mY0Od_afWK0

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On New York City, September 10, 2012

Nobody ever seems to comment on these. I love them and look forward to them.

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On 3 Tired TV Tropes & 3 Shows That Toppled Them

Yay! A post from HH!

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On Jim Leyland Wants To Know Your Intentions

Love the player comparisons to ludicrous objects.

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On The Animal Collective Of The AL East

"Someone got some Gary Carter in my Gunnar Nelson."

That's why I tune in to the David Roth Show.

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On This Is What You Get

Great piece of writing. Rich, dense, filling, satisfying.

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On War Is Heck

Deli-counter guy? I'm pretty sure that's a dude in an In N Out uniform. I was not pleased to see that. Leave my burger lust out of your war porn games.

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On Our Government-Funded Mission to Make Haiti Christian: Your Tax Dollars, Billy Graham's Son, Monsanto and Sarah Palin

I come her for the lulz but love seeing in-depth ass-kicking like this. Atta boy, Abe.

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