On What A Pack Of Cigarettes Costs, State By State

Umm, personal experience--I can haz drive to book festivals--smoking Camel Filters--gives me: Virginia: $4 (Manassas, where I go most often). Missouri: $3.75 (Somewhere near the OK border). Tie, GA, also $3.75, somewhere on 95 near Savannah, after you cross that river. South Carolina used to be really low, but I heard they're raising taxes. North Carolina is no longer a deal (you're better off shopping in VA before you clear the border; you might want to cut over to 301, actually, 'cuz the traffic sucks there.) WVA is closer to $5 for a pack, at least in my area (Charlestown/Martinsburg).

/You'll often find two-pack specials that can lower your prices by another $ per. Marlboro's, best deal is to get 'em in packs of 5.

//Certain cities in VA charge a double-sales-tax (i.e., Fredericksburg, but also Staunton. Your #s may vary.)

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On The Education Bubble

Money's all gone to the administration building. The junior assistant provost in charge of outdoor smoking policy makes six figures, and will have you towed if you park in the space reserved for her Lexus.

When you think about it, since stuff like registration, scheduling and billing has all been computerized, you don't need as much bureaucracy as you used to to run Harvard, let alone State U...

/Young whippersnappers today don't believe I was out of pocket less than $10k for three years at a (decentish) state school, including summers. Free tuition from mom's job, but housing's also gone crazy there, and the Jersey girls we used to get in spades would be paying $30k annually for U Made a Bad Choice.

//I'm under 40.

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On The Education Bubble

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