On These Robots Are Going To Kill Us All

This is why the Founding Fathers threw addictive things into Boston Harbor, BOSTON.

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On What's Up With That Creepy Old Pope Quitting, Anyway?

@Yamara Aaand... now I'm confuseticated by my double postery.

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On Farewell To Our Beloved Nazi Pope

No pope, radio.

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On Horse That British People Eat Might Be Less Appealing Kind Of Horse

Ha! Ha! Wait 'til they find out what we have replaced their pork with!

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On Is It Finally The Beginning Of The End For Facebook?

Is It Finally The Beginning Of The End For Facebook?

Sure. Why the hell not?

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On Will This Flu Epidemic Kill You? Maybe, But You Could Also Get A Flu Shot!

Even if you "don't care about getting the flu," because you're unemployed or insane or look forward to a real-life version of The Stand, please get a flu shot so that you're not infecting everybody else.

...Buuut those are all great reasons to not get a shot.

"I'm insane and unemployed! I give you deathflu!"
"I was sane and employed, but now I die..."
"Now, with my NEW JOB, I can DESTROY THE WORLD!!"
"You can't really do that from the stock room at Staples."

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On Songs Safe So Long As You Stay Awake

My Goddess, you're right. I remember almost falling asleep at the wheel when "Tiny Dancer" came on the radio and woke me up.


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On Happy 12/12/12

Just wanted to pop in and say


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On Weather Wizard Points Icy Finger At Region And Casts Spell

"Weather Wizard", indeed. We all know this is the work of the Snow Miser!!

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On A Handy Test for Reddit Users: Are You on the Internet Right Now?

In Soviet Russia, Internet is on YOU.

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